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  As many of you know, iTweakiOS has been around for the past 2 years offering all jailbroken iOS users tools to liberate their devices from strict limitations set by the carriers and Apple. As part of our mission to make these tools available to everyone, we offered them without any strings attached, unlike many other developers out there who charge hefty fees up front for their software, which usually isn't worth as much as they're selling it for, or even using manipulative tactics to gain profit, such as using the freemium model of profiteering.

 We have nothing against those who choose to work and sell the product of their work for the pure purpose of making a profit. However, we have everything against those who become greedy in the process of making said profit. We believe that a different method had to be applied that both benefited the user, and us at iTweakiOS.

 Running this site, hosting servers for all of our content we share, and even the amount of time out of our day that we dedicate to all of this requires some amount of profit to be made to cover the costs and to make it worthwhile. We purely relied on Google Adsense ads and generous donations (rare to get, in all honesty) just to cover the costs of all that is being maintained. Many times, it wasn't enough. And because of that, our site would routinely be shutdown by our web hoster and we would have to dig into our own pockets each month to pay these expenses. To those who did donate, we greatly appreciate it and thank you for your contribution.

 Unfortunately, we were very saddened to be completely uninformed by Google today, November 25th, 2014, that the Adsense account for iTweakiOS has been permanently deleted. What does this mean? It means the only source of income that went to all of the expenses is now gone and the continuity of all the we offer is in jeopardy.

 We want to make it clear to all of you that money is not our main focus in delivering our content to you. At the same time, setting aside the time each day and the amount of effort put into everything we offer just isn't worthwhile when, not only are we not profitting at all from our hard work, but also having to pay out of pocket with money we barely have to begin with in order to keep everything going.

 We've thoroughly enjoyed that we could help so many users take advantage of the great features our devices have to offer and the big waves our work has made across the web. We'd love to stick around and continue doing so, but with Google unfairly stripping us of our only source of income in keeping this all alive, the fate of iTweakiOS and it's future now rests in all of your hands.

 Please consider donating to us in order to keep this all alive. Even the smallest of donations can make the biggest difference. Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

The iTweakiOS Team